Warning WOT! XD

12112009087 This morning I woke up at 6am to wait for Zuki for breakfast with Survine & Juliet. After a short wait, Zuki picked me up from caltex and took me to Survine’s place to pick her up. When we arrived at her house i noticed she was carrying 2 big bags and her volleyball assignment. Soon enough, i found out that she had a big stack of coca cola merchandise for her English presentation.

Around 7+ am, we headed to the steamboat beside the UMNO building in town which serves breakfast in the mornings. After some dim sums & har kau’s later, Juliet arrived just in time for some interesting hor fan + fish dish which Survine ordered (seriously i didnt knw wat was i eating this morning as long as it tasted good xD ).

So after that, we went to college for the English presentation. Today i just discovered that my English lecturer is a total sun of a beach and also a far king beach. I haven’t even said i was ready to start when she started her bladdy timer. When I tried to argue that its not fair, she wouldn’t listen and insisted that the time is running and i should continue. Thanks to that, I started to panic and my whole first paragraph and all its points went blank. Thank God I was talking about DotA and i manage to save my presentation by inserting random bullshyt in the presentation. * DotA players would know that Enigma ulti doesnt have a range of 1900 AOE f3 and NA cant do a burst of 2194.57 damage after reduction*

12112009088So after that little incident we went back to Zuki’s place and continued on our Accounting assignment.  As u can see on the picture above, Zuki is doing the work while our friend Kai Tao is sleeping away hehe. Juliet and Survine is also working very hard for this assignment.. hehe.

When we finally completed our assignment, Survine & Kai went for volleyball while Zuki, Juliet and I went shopping. Our first stop was Prangin to meet Blurry. ^^ Looks like she’s enjoying her job as a promoter or something like tat. Prangin was not so interesting so we went back quite early.

On the way back, we stopped by CTY Aquariums too buy a hamster to accompany the one i have at home.  We walked around the pet shop looking at cute and adorable animals before finally choosing the hamster. ^^V

Then, Gurney. Last stop for the day as we were abit tired from the long day. Zuki and Juliet went Perfume shopping while i just tagged along smelling perfume. I didnt realise that perfume was actually THAT expensive. LOL! After finally deciding not to get anything for the moment, we went to Gurney Drive for a quick snack. The Kuey Teow Thng there seems good but slight more expensive as u can add any ingredients that u desire.

So after that, I went back for dinner which ends my day.




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