Since my group assignment is about OneMalaysia, i decided to just blog briefly about it. So One Malaysia, what exactly is it anyway?

According to DAP’s website, one of its objectives is to establish a social democratic government based on “a Malaysian Malaysia concept by forging Malaysian race with universal moral values”.

This is later brought up by DAP stalwart Karpal Singh before he sidetracks with a question about an incident that may or may not have happened in 1987 before Ops Lallang.

Our beloved PM denies this allegation vehemently and even states that his 1 Malaysia concept is in line with the Federal Constitution, unlike DAP’s objective.

Our Prime Minister also states that the primary aspect of the 1 Malaysia concept has three core elements. These are:

• Mutual acceptance amongst the races and peoples of Malaysia

• Nationalism based on principles of the Federal Constitution and the Rukunegara

• Social justice

Three core elements, he says?

Now I can’t help but wonder which Asian leader in the past actually came up with three principles to unite the people of a nation. Actually One Malaysia is not so new after all as it is copied from other countries just with a different name.



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  1. Anne Said:

    Of course its not so different from other countries. After all, we’re not the only country trying to promote unity. However, I just don’t understand how the leaders will be able to promote unity when the government themselves aren’t even cooperating right, with all the racism and biasness going around. Including the cow head incident. People aren’t so willing to promote 1Malaysia, and there’s nothing much we can do about it.

    And…sorry, crapped too much. Haha!

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