Finally I passed up the group outline for our English presentation thanks to Kevin and Chunz. Efficient wei u both.. Rawks xD

this is gonna be the next hero which im trying to learn. The Nerubian Assassin should be almost the same as my ganker lion just with less mana and a good initiating spell. Have to start learning to use this for the team.

Today was quite a busy day. After College, i went maple to meet faye and trained with her till im 39. Atleast now i can handle a max trojan solo. Then I had dotA with Edwin, owned 5 friends perfectly, seems like the reaction time for my lion is very fast now still i do hope i can become better and better at this.

After that match, Edwin’s mom picked us up and fetched us to gurney plaza where we had a quick dinner ( MCD) and went for New Moon.

Oh, gosh, the movie! WARNING : SPOILERS AHEAD to those who haven’t watched.

When Edward came into the scene, everyone acted normal.
When Jacob came into the scene, everyone “WOAH”-ed.
When Jacob took off his shirt, everyone “WOAH”-ed.
When Bella said, “Jacob, you look so…beautiful,” everyone laughed.
When Jacob nearly kissed Bella and the phone rang, everyone laughed too.

I really love spontaneous audiences, really. But is it just me or has Edward’s market value dropped?

Okay, but about honest thoughts on the movie? Right. If you’re an action-lover, this movie might appeal to you more than the first movie, Twilight. This time there is more action than the first movie, and the fighting scenes are more detailed. Besides, the story delves deeper, introducing the existence of the Volturi, which was not really mentioned much in the first movie.

BY THE WAY, this movie ends in a cliffhanger. Everyone that wants to watch it, be prepared. Or just go and read the book and save yourselves some suffocation, haha.

– Anne  ( )


I was abit lazy to retype the whole thing. After the movie, I saw a xmas tree. It was the same tree where Ann and I took a pic under 2 years back. When I saw it, i really missed her, my beloved god sis. I missed her so much that I just needa go find her after her SPM exam. It was 2 years back when she came with her family and Edwin and I took her around Penang for a makan session which we ended up in the hotel lounge talking and chatting till midnight.

Btw 2moro i’m not having class. Finally a day to relax..


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