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★ About Me ★

Chinese name ♥ Tan Liang Xue

Malay name ♥ Daryl Tan

English name ♥ Daryl Tan

Nickname ♥ Daro

DOB ♥ Sept 18 , 1991

Horoscope ♥ Virgo

Zodiac ♥ Sheep

Height ♥ 17Xcm

Weight ♥ err not too sure.. i think 80-100kg?

Origin ♥ Malaysia, the place where everything boleh .

Race ♥ Chinese.

Religion ♥ Christian

Hobbies ♥ Slacking

Interests ♥ DotA , Sleeping , Facebooking , Mafiawaring , Mapling , Chatting , etc-ings

Odd traits ♥ Not too sure of wat to say here.. xD

Personality ♥ Ask my friends.. =p

Occupation ♥ Student.

Ambition ♥ WCG Champion , manager of a very successful company

Address ♥ 5_A , Jalan C_0_n_ L_e H_c_ , 1_4_0 , P3n4nG

Email ♥ Ask me.

★ Favourite ★

Colour ♥ Black

Cartoon ♥ Fruit Basket

Flower ♥ Roses

Music ♥ Anything that i feel tats nice.. xD

Food ♥ Pasta

Drink ♥ Coconut water + syrup

Outfit ♥ Dunoo

Pants ♥ Shorts.

Skirt ♥ << i don’t wear this..

Wearing ♥ Tuala….

Style ♥ random

Country ♥ Japan

Musician ♥ err does Within Temptation count as a musician or a band?

Handsome guy ♥ Sry but i dont stare at guys to notice they’r handsome or not de.. xD

Pretty girl ♥ Lim Li Anne

Gift ♥ CA$H

Season ♥ Winter

Animal ♥ Im an animal lover… too many favourates

Hairstyle ♥ Anything that looks good

Shows ♥ Dont watch much Tv lately..

Movies ♥ 2012, Dark Knight, Twilight f3 f3

Subject ♥ Management and Organisation


Friend ♥ Anne,  Adrian , Edwin , Faye , Saph, Kevin, Chunz ETC

Model ♥ Whut?

Stylist ♥ same as above

Chinese song ♥ N/A

English song ♥ Utopia – Within Temptation

Malay song ♥ N/A

Cantonese song ♥ N/A

Hokkien song ♥ N/A

TV shows ♥ Hardly watch also

Regretful things ♥ Loads of them.

If you could turn back time ♥ I’ll change everything

If you could choose someone to love you ♥ I would know who I wanted

If you were a millionaire ♥ I will spend my wealth wisely …

If you became as beautiful as Jolin Tsai one day ♥ Then I would be ghey?

If you could have 3 wishes ♥ 1) wish for 3 more 2) love 3) world peace xD

Bread/Love ♥ Love

Why? ♥ Cz which idiot would sacrifice love for bread?

Rainy/sunny days ♥ Rainy days

Why? ♥ Cz its peaceful in the rain

Love/Freedom ♥ Love

Why? ♥ Cause there is no reason to be free without love

Black/White ♥ Black

Why? ♥ I siok ma f3

Seaside/mountains ♥ Seaside

Why? ♥ I lurb the sound of the ocean

Singing/dancing ♥ Singing.

Why? ♥ causeeeeeeeeeeee i siok maaaaa xD hahahaha

Beauty/personality ♥ Personality

Why? ♥ beauty can change de.. but personality is not so easy to change.. xD

Boring/exciting days ♥ Exciting

Why? ♥ Who wants boring days? Gila kah?

Believe/on guard ♥ Believe

Why? ♥ I trust people alot

Money/happiness ♥ Happiness

Why? ♥ ……….. weiiii…. use ur brainnnnn laaa..

Happy now ♥ Maybe?

Why? ♥ not sure ma say maybe lo.. cannot zit?

Are your friends good to you? ♥ ❤ my friends.. all damn good..

Are you popular? ♥ I dont think so

Your mates? ♥ Cant list down all… too many.. Anne, Saph, Faye, Edwin, Kevin, Chunz, Adrian, …

Single/taken ♥ Single

Believe in eternity? ♥ Not rreally

Like yourself? ♥ Duhh

Believe in yourself? ♥ DUHHHHHHHH

Pessimistic/optimistic ♥ optimistic

If you could say one sentence before going mute… ♥ Anne, I still love you.

If tomorrow the world ended… ♥ Then I’ll go to bed tonight like nothing happened.

If your loved one would leave tomorrow… ♥ I’ll follow

Favourite quote ♥ Its not we pro… Its you NOOB!!!! ~ Team Excel


Fashion taste ♥ Anything…

Style ♥ Anything…

Good points ♥ Not many…

Bad points ♥ TOO many…

Any confidence in SPM? ♥ Done liao luuu

How many As? ♥ 5


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