Tonite i had quite alot of fun chatting wif someone on msn while doing my assignments. =p Assignments never felt this good.. hahahahah.. And i met Alice who is a friend of Juliet who knows the PMS and KS team .. Imba hor?

I want a Razer Naga for Xmas. and a Mamba too… either 1 also can.. if not both.. f3 f3..

Adrian bak on the 18th.. wish can go dotA kau kau wif him.. thn 20th i should be going ipoh.. thn 22nd is also a date to remember.. …



  1. Alice Said:

    Hi Daryl. Thanks for saying me Imba 😀 But there’s a probability that they don’t know my presense (i mean the PMS) cz i hardly went to Sg room to play. F3 F3…

    Why you need a Naga or Mamba? Copperhead is good more than enough for a gamer. F3 F3. And they’re freaking expensive!!! F3 F3.

    Okla…u all keep F3 F3 then i also F3 F3 edi altho i’m not a mapler =___= F3 F3.

    • sianzxd Said:

      im a on9 gamer ma.. so need more keys.. xD xD.. hahaha

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