Christmas at Ipoh

Merry Christmas all, im sure most of you know that im now still in Ipoh. Actually I’ve been in ipoh since the 20th of Dec and i’ve been staying in my friends place however because of the lack of computers I couldnt go on9 often and i cant blog much this time. Look the pregnant male cat in the picture.. f3 f3.. This is wat happens if u stay at their house, which includes me.. f3 f3.. one week here and i’m so gonna turn out to be like tat cat..

Nothing much happened on the 1st day here though. Just went out for some food and went out to Ipoh Parade to meet a friend of Adrian which i dont know. Played bowling wif him and looks like the lil bowling sessions wif my college mates really helped.. f3 f3. LOL

So on the 2nd day we went out for some markerting and I met up wif a friend of mine which happens to be around the area. Just had a snack at Kopitiam while chatting about random nonsense . =p Too bad after that Alex n his bro needa go tuition so i fell asleep alone on the bed. LOL. nothing to do lo.. Should have go played dotA instead. PS : kopitiam = old town white coffee de k.. not usual penang coffee shop.. lOl.

then we went shopping for this.. the woofers not the laptop. LOL! started blasting the volume directly after we got it. Too bad i still cant find a razer naga in ipoh. lol.

We also went to a pasar malam which happens to be abit smaller thn the pasar in penang but it was fun cz we went out wif some other friends. f3 f3. Summor after tat went out wif Adrian to his church which is imba boring compared to my friends church.. f3 f3.. LOL!

In ipoh summor got time watch 2012 and G.I. Joe in the ‘cinema’ f3 f3… lol n finished 1 disc of bleach.

End here 1st ba.. needa go settle food for the xmas party.. LOL!


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