Goodbye 2009

Its 31th Dec 2009 now.  4 hours to the next year . 4 hours to 2010.

Seriously 2009 sucked. It didn’t go as planned and it was pretty dull and boring with me bluring around most of the time. I really wish this coming year would be more productive and fun as I decided I’m gonna start this year with a very smexy exam result which I MUST achieve. 2009 is also a year of more downs thn ups , and thank god there is always those friends that are nice to talk to when im feeling lonely or if i just need someone to crap with.

I feel that there are alot of things which I could have done better but i didnt. However, I wont feel any regrets cause someone said ” past d de dun see =p look at the future ^^ ” which i seem to think is the best thing to do.  Look forward to next year and do better than what i did this year.

I would like to thank :

Adrian Mark for inviting me over for X’mas year after year and being a friend even if we’r like 2 hours bus ride away

Anne thanks for the short time we’ve been together

Ann – Mei , im gonna miss you when you start to go for NS cause that time i will lost one of the best crapping partners I ever know. I never regretted meeting u in Berjaya Hotel that time when u came to Penang.

Edwin – f3 Thanks for tall the time we had together in dotA and for all the fun we had this year. Together we shall rise up further and         pawn more n more people. =p

FayeFaye, no need say also know why ur on this list d la. I thank God for that day where I didnt skip Horntail when i really wanted to    cause if i did i might not have met u there. Ur my best friend in Maple and ur always there when i really really need someone to talk                 to even if its like 2am in the morning. Ur forever my Guardian Angel. =p

Saphira IOU sushi.. I KNW I KNW>.< no needa remind me. U LA always not free. Got bf d like tat la.. want sushi also need me bunkus to   ur house issit? f3 f3

Jay MeeThanks for everything when i was in Ipoh I’ll visit you again when i’m free. Although I just started talking to you very late this   year but you’r very nice to talk to and I really enjoy crapping with you and Monty in Maple. Actually not just maple la but since we crap alot in maple ma say maple 1st lo rite? f3 f3 . I also wanna thank you for dono by what miraculous means got me to forsake maple and study during the afternoons. Although its very late in the year but its a good start for 2010. =p

Kevin Kevinnnnnn best class rep M19 ever had rite? =p Thanks for fetching me back on various occasions and it was great playing dotA   with you. Thanks for everything. Appreciate it alot. Especially the constant ” Kevin can lend ur _____ notes please? ” LOL!

Wai ChunChunz thanks for the ride back every day of my college life. I wish u strike lottery and buy a better car cause u really deserve  it.

Shella thanks for dropping by my facebook profile n dropping random stuff on it. I wish one day we could meet up even when we’re ver far apart. Bali right? haix.. LOL!

Zi Shanmy mei, how could i forget you. You’ve been with me for very long time now and it makes me happy when i recieve random        msgs from you every few days.

Monty – Monty o monty , ur just nice to crap wif la. LOL! See u F3 F3 in maple also so cute d. hahaha. F3 speaks louder than words. Thx      for on9ing in maple cause atleast i got some random people that i can stalk .. f3

Alvin and his bro Matthew – thanks guys for the fun we had this year. For the great matches, the fun times in maple , ur nonsense              hacks which usually gets people banned.. I dont think you’ll get to see this but I missed you guys alot   when i’m not in penang. Lets go out togather again k?

And to all my fellow friends in M19 thx for the times we share in this 2 semesters.

To my friends in Maple and DotA, let us aim further and higher this 2010.

To the friends which I lose contact wif i wish we could meet again.

To those who made a difference , thanks.

Thanks to Keith and his guild to accept one of the noobiest Vipers in cass into their guild.

Thanks Jess ( Jvlaplesp3ar ) for the times we used to have in maple and thanks for everything.

Thanks to Kingsurf , PMS, Dmz, MYM and all pl0 pl0 teams in DotA, watching your replay helps alot.

Thanks to all my lecturers ( i know you people wont see this ) but thanks

Thanks to all those I missed.

May 2010 be a better year. Goodbye 2009 Hi 2010.

Goals for 2010 :

1. Get EVEN better in DotA ( improve juking mastery , map awareness and micro )

2. Study every Afternoon ( no games before 6pm please )

3. Save some $$ f3 f3

4. Get Sess to 180.

5. Lycosa ( Saphy WATCH ME GET IT MYSELF! )

6 .Check my goals every 2 months. Atleast can modify some.

I hope this warps up 2009.


– sianzxd ( last post of 2009 )


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